Greg Nelson

Greg is an internationally renowned cameraman specialising in African wildlife. He is a Wildlife Director of Photography for some of the world’s leading international wildlife outlets including the BBC Natural History Unit, Animal Planet, National Geographic and the Smithsonian Channel.

Greg’s early career began as a TV news cameraman and editor in Africa and Asia. He has worked filming in war zones such as the Rwandan Genocide, the Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka and the Afghanistan conflict. From covering earthquakes in Japan to filming stories charting the rise of China, Greg has travelled the globe capturing history’s most important moments, with a personal career highlight being the filming of the release of Nelson Mandela.

Armed with his passion for the natural world, it was the African wilderness that brought true purpose for Greg. Together with his young family, Greg moved to the heart of the African bush and began documenting the lion prides on the reserve he and his family lived on, which led to a successful series of full-feature lion documentaries sold to the Discovery Channel. Since this time, his career has taken him to wilderness areas across the African continent, his creative eye documenting not only life in the wilderness and natural behaviour, but also the plight of its flora and fauna.

Whilst living and working on wildlife reserves, Greg came into contact with many safari lodge guests and began to accept requests to lead game drives. After many of these pleasurable interactions, leading a safari became a natural progression. Greg is now based in Cape Town with his wife and four children and when not leading safaris, continues his career as a distinguished wildlife cameraman.