John Tidmarsh

John is an accomplished archaeologist who has conducted excavations in Syria, Jordan, Greece, and Cyprus. He is currently Co-Director of the University of Sydney excavations at Pella in Jordan where he is in charge of uncovering the Hellenistic and Early Roman levels. He is also Co-Director of the Australian Mission to Jebel Khalid (Syria), a remarkable purely Hellenistic site founded by Alexander the Great or his general Seleucus. He was previously Senior Investigator of the University of Sydney excavations in Torone, Greece and Associate Director of the University of Sydney excavations at Paphos, Cyprus.

John has travelled widely in the Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East and since the 1980s has led some 30 tours to Iran as well as numerous tours to Jordan, Syria, Turkey, Oman, and Greece.

His main interests are in the art, archaeology and history of Alexander the Great and the Hellenistic period in the East, and in the Islamic World. He has written many articles and conference papers on these areas and has co-authored several books on the excavations at Jebel Khalid in Syria. He is very soon to complete his book on the Hellenistic and Early Roman periods at Pella in Jordan.

John has a BA (Hons), MA (Hons) and PhD from the University of Sydney where he was previously a tutor, then part-time lecturer in Classical Archaeology. He is a former President of the Near Eastern Archaeology Foundation at that university. Until his retirement in 2018 he was also a Clinical Endocrinologist (MBBS, FRACP) who worked previously in private practice and at Royal North Shore, Bankstown, and Royal Prince Alfred Hospitals in Sydney.