From the very beginning, the guiding principal in the creation of our unique itineraries was to have our clients feel that when they are travelling with Arcadia, it’s like they are joining the making of a documentary, but without the film crew.

Like any good documentary, this involves the telling of a story (the theme of our expedition), providing a knowledgeable narrator for that story (our expert Expedition Leader) and gaining privileged access to people and places not normally available to the public.

Each one of our itineraries has a wealth of one-off experiences that are curated exclusively by Arcadia Expeditions. Our unrivalled destination knowledge and extensive network of local contacts allows us to provide insider access to fascinating and thought-provoking people and experiences that other travellers only dream of.

Some of our trips have exclusive access to archaeological digs whilst others have private behind-the-scenes visits to museums, galleries and historic sites after hours to avoid the crowds. We believe our stories are best told by locals, which is why throughout the course of each of our expeditions we bring in deep subject matter experts to meet with the group. Be it over a meal or in front of one of the world’s great sites, we provide a forum for intellectual exchange with these local experts to further enrich our understanding.

Below are just some of the Arcadia Exclusives we offer on our expeditions.